Statement of Principles

New Yorkers for Life stands for a simple proposition: 

That New York State deserves better than a reckless policy of abortion expansion.  On principle, we oppose Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s proposed abortion expansion act, as well as any other bill that would further liberalize existing state laws on abortion.  This is what we believe:

  • There is no need for expanded access to abortion in the State of New York.
  • The physical and mental health and well-being of women is an important public policy goal, as is the health and well-being of unborn children.
  • Authorizing non-physicians to perform abortions in New York would endanger women’s health.
  • Allowing late-term abortions to be performed in outpatient facilities in New York would endanger women’s health.
  • No health care practitioner or provider should be pressured or required by the New York State government  to participate in abortion, refer for abortions, provide abortifacient medications, or counsel patients in regard to abortion.
  • New York has an abortion problem, and our state government should take measures to make abortion more rare.
  • Worthwhile efforts to protect women against pregnancy discrimination, domestic violence, and human trafficking should not be held hostage to Governor Cuomo’s abortion agenda. 

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