Most online dating sites give you a text box in which to introduce yourself. By incorporating a personal narrative and details, potential matches can get a sense of who you are. The key is to grab their attention and hold it throughout. Key points include narrative, details, uniqueness and confidence. A few examples of personal statements that work include:

Avoid generic positive traits

When writing a personal statement for a dating site, be sure to avoid using too many clichés and generic positive traits. These are all too common and can come across as self-obsessed. Also, avoid starting your statement with a joke or greeting. Instead, focus on your positive characteristics. Do not include bad jokes or sexist stories. Unless your statement is a humorous one, it should be kept on a very serious note.


Be insightful

When writing a personal statement for dating sites, you should make it as interesting as possible and include a few important points. To start with, you can create a mindmap by listing your most important qualities. If you find it difficult to write about yourself, you can use a template. While a template may be easy to follow, it may take away your voice and personality. When writing a personal statement, keep in mind that it should convey your personality and work experience, as well as your extracurricular activities and experiences.

Think about your dating profile as an application letter for college. The online dating industry is no different. Admissions officers make their decisions based on the information you provide. They want to get a feel for your personality, motivations, and background. The best way to convey this information is to tell a story. Include details, positive qualities, and challenges you’ve overcome. As long as your story leaves them wanting more, it will be a good start.

How to Write a Personal Statement for Dating Sites

Be anecdotal

When writing your personal statement, be anecdotal. Use anecdotes to show off your unique qualities or specialty. Anecdotes will also draw readers into your world. Choose an experience that has profoundly impacted your life and changed your perspective on things. Use this opportunity to express your personality in the best possible light. Remember, the personal statement should be unique to you!

Complement photos

You should compliment pictures in your personal statement when trying to attract girls’ attention. A compliment can be as simple as saying that your photo is “gorgeous.” The compliment can even be more dramatic. The compliment may be a good way to ask the girl out or set up a date. But how do you approach a girl who doesn’t seem interested in you? Here are some tips.

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